Affiliate Agent for Jeep Experience Costa Blanca Spain

Future developments in tourism
In the nearby future guests and residents of the Costa Blanca expect, alongside a traditional beach holiday, increasingly more "experiences" and exciting activities. People are more and more searching for a total experience during their stay on the Costa Blanca. The Jeep Experience that we offer is a exiting experience that can be offered to your guests and visitors and wich will contribute to the ultimate holiday feeling on the Costa Blanca.


Stay in touch with new developments

Guests and inhabitants will more and more be searching for information and place bookings for activities and experiences via the Internet (eg. by Tablet or Smartphone during their stay at the Costa Blanca). Flyers, advertisements and other forms of "paper advertising" will gradually disappear out of the picture.

It is important for the hotels, agents and entrepreneurs to follow and use these new developments on the internet. We want to ensure that the information about, and the options for booking a Jeep Experience are presented in a simple way to our guests, hotels and agents. The presentation will be possible through the Internet and will be available for your own site. This brings us to meet the needs of guests for information or reservation (s) of a Jeep Experience.


Affiliate Agent; Something for you?

In order to garantee the best service to our guest, hotels and agents we are constantly searching for Affiliate Agents on the Costa Blanca for our Jeep Experience activities. As a Affiliate Agent you are able to display the information about our Jeep Experience directly through your own website, and under your own name, to your guests. It is also possible for you as a Affiliate Agent to present the information about our Jeep Experience and book directly a Jeep Experience. And of course you will be compensated for everytime you book a Jeep Experienced with us. At this moment in time we are already working together with more than 20 agents and hotels located along the Costa Blanca.


New possibilitys in our booking

In order to give our Affiliated Agents the best possible support we have especially developed new possibilitys in our bookingsystem. These new possibilitys were implemented at September 1, 2015 and integrated into our online bookingsystem. With these new possibiliys you can display information about our Jeep Experience on your own website and, if you want to under your own name. You can make a real-time reservation for a Jeep Experience and you will automatically receive a confirmation bij email of the reservation and the related commission. Our real-time bookingsystem offers a guarantee to your guests that the booking is processed immediately. The system allows no double bookings and therefore will avoid any disappointment with your guest.


We have developed our bookingsystem in such a way that to install it you don't need radical changes on your system or website. This is the case for existing Affiliated Agents as well as for new Affiliating Agents. Installing it will just take a short time. If you already work with our bookingsystem and you wish to make use of our new functionality, please contact us to make that possible.


How does our new bookingsystem work?

We have developed our bookingsystem in such a way that it is simple in operation. You can create it on your own website and offer our Jeep Experience under your own name. Please contact us if you want us to assist you in doing this. The new bookingsystem identifies each Affiliate Agent as a "unique id" and makes it possible for us to see who made the booking and who should receive the commission. When you confirm a booking in our new bookingsystem for a Jeep Experience the bookingsystem will automatically sent three emails.


E-mail 1 -> This e-mail goes to the client with the confirmation of the booking and relevant information about the Jeep Experience (date, starting time, departure point, etc.).


E-mail 2 -> This e-mail goes to the Affiliate Agent itself (to your own email address). This serves as confirmation of the booking processed through you and it serves as a confirmation of the commission earned.


E-mail 3 -> The third e-mail goes "4x4-ROUTES.COM" for securing the contract for the Jeep Experience.


Important to say is that our system is trilingual developed. For an impression of how our bookingsystem is integrated within a website please check


Security and privacy
We developed our bookingsystem in such a way that it is fully capable of working with Windos, Android and Apple operating systems. Of course we take great care in creating a bookingsystem in wich you can work safely and in wich your personal data and those of your guests are protected (privacy is guaranteed). Obviously the details of you and your guests will never be disclosed to third parties.