Code Red Extremo -  Zone Altea:

Real OFF ROAD Driving
4x4 ROUTES - Altea Costa Blanca Spain

OUR 4X4-routes lead over tracks that are also used by fire trucks and other emergency use of them.


With increased danger : Code red Extremo in Altea area we need to release these tracks and we should therefore not drive on these tracks


You can check this yourself at


This website is updated daily at 24:00 and 17:00 and sometimes at 09:00


It is advisable before you leave from your residence to also check this site .


Once we are aware of Code Red Extremo , we will contact you asap by sms, whatsapp , email or phone.


In the case of Code Red Extremo we book your free route to a different day or time or you get a full refund.


Below is an example of Code Red Extremo in the Zone of Altea

Hoy = today
Mañana =forecast tomorrow (can be different)