Code Red Extremo -  Zone Altea:

Real OFF ROAD Driving
4x4 ROUTES - Altea Costa Blanca Spain

OUR 4X4-routes lead over tracks that are also used by fire trucks and other emergency use of them.


With increased danger : Code red Extremo in Altea area we need to release these tracks and we should therefore not drive on these tracks


On the website below , we can check this every morning around 9:00 am.


It is advisable before you leave from your residence to also check this site .


Once we are aware of Code Red Extremo , we will contact you asap by sms, whatsapp , email or phone.


In the case of Code Red Extremo we book your free route to a different day or time or you get a full refund.


Below is an example of Code Red Extremo in the Zone of Altea

Hoy = today
Mañana =forecast tomorrow (can be different)